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Psilocybin Tea comes in  Sangria Hibiscus tea flavour

  • 1GRAM Tea Bag of Organic Psilocybin
  • Use in hot water, not at boiling. It can take up to one hour for the effects to kick in.
  • Sangria Hibiscus Tea Flavour

blue mushroom edible

blue mushroom edible, Psilocybin Tea comes in  Sangria Hibiscus tea flavour

  • 1GRAM Tea Bag of Organic Psilocybin
  • Use in hot water, not at boiling. It can take up to one hour for the effects to kick in.
  • Sangria Hibiscus Tea Flavour

blue mushroom edible, Aside from skipping bad taste, drinking magic mushroom also allows the effects to kick in a faster rate. You’ll feel the effects sooner than eating it. Another reason why many people prefer shroom tea is that they want to preserve the shelf-life of the shrooms. Proper storage requires you to dry your mushroom. You have to avoid any moisture or heat since this invites bacteria, contamination, and even decomposition.  .  .  .  .   .  .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .

Shroom tea is also a great way to mask the taste. All you have to do is just crush the shrooms inside the bag and add the flavours that you want. You can be as creative as you want when preparing tea. You can add some ginger to it or squirt some lemon. And as you notice, there are a lot of shroom tea drinkers out there who add lemon or lime juice to their mix. This is because citric acid easily breaks down psilocybin into psilocin. If you want a more intense and interesting trip, then you should try it out.

16 reviews for Sangria Hibiscus Shroom Tea | 1 GRAM

  1. Scott P. Crosson

    They arrived quick and safe, and the team was super nice and quick to respond when i reached to them. ive tried just one day and i had such a good feeling through all the day, im looking forward to continue it…

  2. Dorothy J. Grandberry


  3. Jessica H. Lancaster

    Paid on a Friday, payment confirmed in the weekend, shipped at the start of the week and arrived on Thursday. Really fast delivery so the products come in fresh. Always feeling comfortable with your professional and fast service and I will always be your customer. Thank you.

  4. Ramona F. Lavender

    Absolutely fantastic service and product. Amazing results. Just placed another order. Have recommended to friends 😎 Enjoy and good luck.

  5. Maria R. Hara

    Small error in my order but still 5 stars for their excellent service 👍

  6. Jeffrey A. Bell

    Easy transaction, great customer service, authentic product. 💯👌 Recommend

  7. Lakita D. Melton

    great service, as always, thank you so much

  8. Mike N. Becerra

    Great service,arrived super fast,all contents arrived in great condition! My 3rd order and never a complaint to be had.Thanks again

  9. Patricia S. Doss

    honestly they arrive fast and everything goes well i definitely recommend they’re services… congrats guys

  10. Awilda R. Drummond

    Han llegado todo perfecto gracias

  11. William S. Jackson

    Very fast shipping and great quality ♥️ I recommend

  12. David D. Martin

    Excellent experience. The kind people at Colorado Shrooms responded in a timely manner. Once the package was shipped I was provided with a tracking information. day. Thank you very much and I will be back again!

  13. Sandra L. Mitchell

    All always you or amazing. Prompt delivery, perfect products everytime

  14. Roger R. Davenport

    racking e-mail arrived a bit late but I had asked and they replied after it had been already sent out. Alice in customer service was helpful but as I said my issue had already been settled by the time of reply. One thing I would say is tracking seemed to be ahead of schedule, this doesn’t affect me but might affect others. Absolutely no complaints on this fantastic service. Came in discreet packaging as well. 10/10 would definitely buy from again and will be buying from again.

  15. Ken D. Rollins

    Ordered from this company, was a little sceptical at first but their customer service and speed of delivery have been amazing. Will be using them again in the very near future.

  16. Arlene S. Avila

    Initially was bit apprehensive as ordering for first time and took longer than I thought but after emailing a couple of times I got an update and shipping tracking. Cust service was slightly slow responding but helpful. Items were delivered (uk)2 days after. All looks

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