Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom

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colorado mushroom identification

colorado mushroom identification, in colorado, Oakland etc With Colorado Shrooms Ecuadorian tri-color Cubensis users induce a euphoric state of mind that is very dreamy, relaxing and can be quite visual. This powerhouse hits you hard at first, then tents to ease up for a more relaxing ride that can be spiritual and enlightening. You can recognize the Ecuador magic mushroom by its very particular characteristics. It has a long, thick stalk and large caramel caps.

Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom/colorado mushroom

With Mungus Shrooms Ecuadorian tri-color shroom users induce a euphoric state of mind that is very dreamy also relaxing and can be quite visual. This powerhouse hits you hard at first, then tents to ease up for a more relaxing ride that can be spiritual and enlightening. After around 10-30 minutes of consuming this Ecuadorian Cubensis, So you will feel your mood elevated along with feeling happy and excited. and you will also experience a range of visual enhancements ranging from mild to intense depending on your dosage. You might feel that your surroundings are breathing and nature is more alive. You will experience yourself being in a self-examining state. Music and art will look and feel different – more mesmerizing.  The common dose of these Ecuadorian magic mushrooms in 0.5-1.5g and the moderate dose is 2-3.5g.

You can recognize the Ecuador magic mushroom by its very particular characteristics. It has a long, thick stalk and large caramel caps.


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21 reviews for Ecuadorian Tri Colour Magic Mushroom

  1. Terry N. Askins

    Package arrived pretty much when …
    Package arrived pretty much when I thought it would – it takes time. Wholecellium answered my e mail when I enquired about tracking it. They answered my question about ‘use’ of the product ordered. So all good and helpful from them. I can’t comment on the actual goods as I haven’t touched them yet. But I’m confident.

  2. Thomas K. Wilson

    Honestly was skeptical of the whole process and the nerves got to me a bit, but once the payment went through it was a smooth process, I understand the bad experiences but just like the journey you are going to experience, be patient 100% will order again soon, took a few the UK but payment process and order process took in total two 2days, amazing experience and product.

  3. Tracy V. Haskins

    Absolutely only love and light to WC! Very appreciative of their work and spreading out the good vibes provided in and through magic truffles ❤️. Received the magic truffles in about 3 weeks to the USA! Perfect timing truly. All my questions were answered throughout the transaction also. You only need patience, lots of love, and gratitude and you’ll have a wonderful experience with WC as I have.

  4. Mitchell P. Carter

    Alway the best product and delivery time is excellent, been buying for a year now and everything’s fine

  5. Ronald E. Serrano

    Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. Thank you

  6. Edward L. Glenn

    Excelent, all ok

  7. Barry M. Carter

    Received fine to UK payed with BTC all good 🙂

  8. Kelly T. Conway

    Took a little while to be dispatched, but I understand it’s probably much more efficient to collect orders then mail them in one go. Delivery tracking was great, no problems at all. Not had a chance to use the product yet

  9. Dale V. Crandall

    Bought truffles, worried they wouldn’t come but they did. Took a little over a week to get to the UK but no problems.

  10. Lakisha S. Wood

    Fantastic company great products and excellent customer service. Was kept updated on my order and delivery. Prompt dispatch I had my goods within 2 weeks in the uk

  11. Deborah D. Johnson

    Shipped to California, arrived promptly, works as advertised 🙂

  12. Esther O. Casey

    I was a bit sceptical to begin with as I didn’t receive confirmation email strait away . But after couple days I received my email and everything was good. My goods arrived under 2 weeks . Will definitely be purchasing again

  13. Ezra S. Espinoza

    I love it. They’re brill! Providers of such joy and they do it with a positive energy and remain professional. Thanks guys.

  14. Michael K. Baird

    Highly recommended

  15. Sharyn D. Corbett

    Excellent service, always great product, always happy after delivery

  16. Dorothy D. Lucky

    I thank this company for providing a trustworthy and educational buying experience! Good luck and thank you for finding a way to provide this service!

  17. Mary E. Beaulieu

    I’ve made 2 orders so far and both have been successfully delivered and the product is as described….. I’ll definitely be ordering again

  18. Gilbert T. Loomis

    Was a very slow delivery process and took about a month to get delivered To australia but happy that i finnally recieved them. Will definitely be back.

  19. Pauline L. Kelling

    Great company use them all the time well recommend

  20. Anita M. Sanchez

    Fast delivery , thanks

  21. Willie B. Dewall

    Awesome service. Great communication

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