Lemon Gummy Bears 1000MG

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Buy the best Lemon Gummy Bears 1000MG in canada

These mouthwatering Lemon Gummy Bears are the newest addition to our psychonaut candy lineup! They deliver a kick of psilocybin that is sure to make you pucker! Delicious way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, in a consistent edible dose.

  • Each gummy has 200mg of Psilocybin. 5 gummies=1000mg total
  • Lemon flavour
  • Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis

12 reviews for Lemon Gummy Bears 1000MG

  1. Gabriel P. Barlow

    Can’t say enough about about the best trip to SHROOMFINITY ever thanks to wholecelium! They always help with advice and tips and their products are by far the BEST IVE EVER HAD. OHM IS INCREDIBLE

  2. Carl E. Grove

    Package was delivered succesfully. Everything was exactly the way its supposed to be. I would definitely reccomend their Wholecelium product to anyone.

  3. Matthew J. Campbell

    Arrived within two days. Discreetly packaged. Excellent experience overall.

  4. Edith J. White

    Pompt delivery and good product. Packaged very nicely. Although there should be some instructions on the packets and weight written

  5. Charles L. Finck

    Wholecelium is great . Good customer service and quality products . Def the place shop and save .

  6. Yolanda J. Long

    Really excellent. I will be ordering from Wholecelium for years to come

  7. Thomas L. Wagner

    I use this service more than 10 years. ALL IS PERFECT. 146 % TRUST)

  8. Damaris K. Hawkins

    Whoelculium is a REAL site! So its safe to order from. Ive been sending bitcoins all over the planet and nothing ever comes in the f’ing mail! Been getting scammed! Anyway, I ordered 2 alien and 2 maliki truffles. Havent tried them yet. So i cant say if they are good or garbage. It took 6 weeks to get to New Jersey. Waaaaaayyyy too long. I was just happy something actually showed in the mail! Also the post office wanted a signature. Thats not good. I sent my elderly neighbor to retrive them. The minute you sign you can be arrested! Anyway, I’m kinda excited to try them. LaSexorcisto

  9. James D. Chung

    Came quicker than expected and a product was very good.

  10. Robert W. Moorman

    Thanks so much for the wonderful customer service. We received our items in a timely manner and were provided resources for the items ordered. We are so excited to grow our little gummies

  11. Cheryl K. Cox

    Great service very helpful will order again

  12. John S. Lamb

    Third order and third flawless experience. Great communication fast discreet shipping and great products.

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