Medicated Zerds Rope 4000MG Mushroom – Lime

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psilocybin edibles review

psilocybin edibles review, Who ever said medicating can’t be fun has never had a Magic Mushroom Medicated Zerds Rope! These candy treats will satisfy your adult sweet tooth while also providing a hefty 4000mg of Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom all in one package!

A fun twist on  Wonka’s famous recipes and techniques, these Magic Mushroom infused candies are made with a Magic Mushroom infused gummy “rope” that is then covered in sour, tangy crunchy Zerds for a truly fun experience.

Contains: 4000mg Mushroom (4 Bites x 1000mg each)
Please note:
 Activation time varies – allow 60 minutes before consuming anymore.
Lab tested.  .  .  .  .   .  .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .


CONTENTS 4 X 1000MG Medicated Zerd Bites
MEDICAL EFFECTS Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain & Insomnia
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Hungry, Giggly & Sleepy
DOSAGE Begin with one bite of the edible to gauge your tolerance and allow upwards of an hour for digestion before ingesting more.

10 reviews for Medicated Zerds Rope 4000MG Mushroom – Lime

  1. Cynthia D. Malbrough

    Very quick delivery

  2. Charles J. Quirk

    Excellent service, 5 stars. Super speedy with crypto, super speedy delivery and packaging.Trustworthy efficient delivery. Quality products, therapeutic/medicinal… lifesaving in fact. 6 stars out of 5.

  3. Cara B. Hines

    I was blind but now I can see! Top notch store. They have been stable throughout the years and the customer service is superb! I rate Wholecelium 5 good trips out of 5

  4. Nicole L. Johnson

    5* Quality ingredients 5* delivery Love you guys

  5. Chad O. Burnam

    the allien portion is too big :

  6. Lee M. Arvidson

    Seit Jahren der beste Service , einfach top

  7. John K. Overstreet

    Used twice! Haven’t been disappointed!! Amazing service. Great communication throughout and product greatly appreciated!

  8. Kelly M. Moss

    Yes this went completely as expected Great company

  9. Gustavo D. Miller

    Trustworthy company !

  10. John E. Willingham

    Excellent service, kept up to date on my parcel’s travels and delivered quickly with no hassle. Can’t wait to try the goods!

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