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psilocybin microdose guide

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Microdosing with Paul Stamets’ stacking protocol is easy. The stacking protocol looks as follows:

DAY 1-4: Microdosing days

  • 50mg of psilocybin
  • 500mg of high-quality Lion’s Mane extract powder
  • 10mg of niacin ‘Flush’

DAY 5-7: Non-microdosing days

  • Optional: Implement Lion’s Mane into your daily diet.

 CYCLE: continue for four weeks

RESET: two to four weeks

INGREDIENTS: 50mg psilocybin, 500mg lion’s mane, 10mg niacin

Non-GMO, Natural, Gluten Free, GMP Quality, Made in Canada.

represent an innovative and enjoyable way to reap the many health benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Whether it be supporting immune function, cognitive health, or overall well-being, these gummies offer a convenient and delicious solution for those looking to incorporate mushrooms into their daily routine. As research continues to uncover the various health benefits of mushrooms, it is likely that mushroom gummies will only grow in popularity and become a staple in the diets of health-conscious individuals.

23 reviews for Paul Stamet’s Microdose Capsules (24) | Magic Mushrooms Colorado

  1. John R. Johnson

    Amazing service

  2. Joan C. Guay

    The costumer service is absolutely great 😃 Every time I have a question they replay very fast

  3. Steven J. Hillen

    Very fast order processing and delivery, great wiki section on the website with clear instructions. Definitely recommend.

  4. Clara M. Jacob

    all went smoothly, thanks a mil! looking forward to the trip

  5. Robyn A. Boyd

    got the delivery on the second day after a failed delivery attempt. You guys were super helpful with everything, if I could make one note, ask the driver to call the number of the customer as i live in an apartment complex and don’t know if he has arrived unless he calls me! but other than that fantastic service, super quick delivery guys thank you!

  6. Antonio R. Luciano

    great service, as always, thank you so much

  7. Carole G. Dancy

    Quick delivery (Monday ordered, Saturday delivered to Austria). High potency of the Qubit. Extreme value with the family pack on sale. Definitely recommend the lemon TEK with 30g being enough to lose reality completely. Maybe start with 25g even if you are experienced. Will buy again if on sale 😛

  8. Raymond D. Hamrick

    Entrega rapida. Todo en orden, voy por la segunda toma de microdosis, todavia no siento nada especial. Se que es un proceso lento, pero ahi vamos! Lo tomo en ayunas y no me cae mal, le siento gusto a tierra pero nada insoportable! Mas adelante los actualizo.

  9. Daniel A. Jaworski

    Even due to problems with courier at the beginning, company delivered the package safely and the shrooms are already growing.

  10. Ruth A. Perry

    Wow! I cannot believe how simple it is to work with you folks! Bitcoin was the Easiest and I’m Old! I figured it out, and the USPS brought my order in a week.. you folks let me know it was in my mailbox, so it won’t languish in heat. Awesome! Namaste

  11. David S. Cockrell

    I received the product in perfect conditions and the effect was just fine. It took more than 30min to feel the effect, both for me and friend, aprox. 50min. Totally safe. I recommend.

  12. Mathew L. Robinson

    Was kinda sceptical at first honestly. It took a while but definitely felt it. Super chill. 10/10 will hit again.

  13. Susan J. Dunbar

    Order arrived on time. Very good communication to know my exact location. Product good as usual. ThankshrOOmi

  14. Rene W. Snyder

    I have zero experience with growing anything, and I’m looking forward for my first harvest!

  15. James A. Woodrow

    Shipping was fast for international. Nicely packaged. Discreet. I think I love these guys.

  16. Rod K. Williams

    Very good guys, but only couriers works very bad, I ordered twice and bith times the same story- the couriers don t call and even don t try get it to you or at least leave package to the nearest post machine, no, they brings package to the general post office, so you should go there by yourself after invitation from general post office. Maybe You can work with DPD? DPD couriers works good-they send message and brings package to the hand

  17. Paul F. Blue

    Great correspondence excellent assistance buy from with confidence will do so again definitely myself

  18. Mike S. Lewis

    This is my second time ordering from you guys and the delivery was super fast! Amazing customer service and superb product.. thank you guys for being the best!

  19. Danielle J. Litchfield

    Fast delivery, discreet packaging and great products. Will certainly order again

  20. Helen R. Stallard

    love this shop! The best choice!

  21. Lakeisha J. Morton

    Hello, the product is superb and it has changed my life for the better and those around me. I now have total reality on people and the environment. The staff are wonderful and helpful. Highly recommended.

  22. Vanessa R. Milliken

    Fantastic package, very professional:) Absolutely amazing experience! Will order again soon! Thank U

  23. Homer E. Winslow

    Excellent service

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