Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit

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Midwest Grrow Kit Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit

This kit includes:

  • Clear 16 Quart Container ( 3X size of the Standard Drying Kit)
  • Mesh 0.5 mm separation Screen
  • Removable perforated aluminum drying tray
  • 8 oz. of Activated Alumina desiccant
  • 8 oz. of Silica Gel Desiccant with color changing crystals
  • Easy to follow instructions

Midwest Grow Kit Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit  includes everything you need to dry a large amount of mushrooms perfectly. There is no better way to prepare your mushrooms for storage than to dry them the right way without the use of heat. Our Jumbo Drying Kit is easy to use and combines two of the best desiccants we have tested for drying mushrooms. We recommend our Jumbo Drying kit for anyone growing 18 Jars or more, two or more spawn bags or any bulk grow.Okay, folks, let’s talk about creating the perfect environment for your mushroom babies. These little guys are pickier than a toddler at dinnertime when it comes to temperature and humidity. So, listen up! Midwest Grrow Kit Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit

Your mushroom grow kit needs to be kept at a consistent temperature between 60°F and 70°F (15°C and 21°C). Think of it as their cozy little mushroom spa. Avoid placing your kit near heating vents or in direct sunlight, because nobody likes a sunburnt mushroom. Trust me, they won’t thank you for it.Midwest Grrow Kit Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit

Now, let’s move on to humidity. Mushrooms love moisture like I love a good slice of pizza. Aim for a humidity level of around 90%. You can achieve this by lightly misting the kit with water a couple of times a day or by covering it with a plastic bag or humidity tent. Just make sure you don’t smother them like an overbearing parent, as mushrooms need some fresh air too. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own little mushroom farm but thought it was too complicated or time-consuming, then hold on to your hats, because mushroom grow kits are here to make your fungi fantasies come true. A mushroom grow kit is a simple and compact system that allows you to cultivate your own delicious mushrooms right at home. It’s like having a mini mushroom garden in a box!

29 reviews for Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit

  1. Young J. Himes

    I received my products as scheduled and they were packaged very well. Absolutely no damage upon arrival. They also worked perfectly for the drying process just as they say. Absolutely love them and will continue to order from this great company!

  2. Dale C. Hackney

    I originally purchased the smaller drying kit, and was overwhelmed by the amount that had fruited and harvest from my flushes and it turned out to be not enough space! It was wasn’t sealed tight and quickly the beads turned pink.

  3. Shirley M. Swinney

    Great product working good, will always buy my products from mid west

  4. Michael M. May

    It arrived on time and the products were satisfying..

  5. Linda J. Debusk

    have to say, that the customer service that I have received from Midwest Grow Kits is the finest that I have gotten in a long time.

    It’s refreshing to know that there are still companies who care about their customers and take the steps to give that shopping experience

    that everyone wants and deserves.

  6. Barney M. Crane

    I have been in many aspects of commercial and hobby horticulture… When delving into a new concept it is always nice to be able to purchase a small affordable system to improve on as experience is learned. This product is a great learning tool and functional at the same time. This is that product and the lowest price for the better quality.

  7. Madge E. Gaines

    Works great for getting them cracker dry. Just make sure to use the fan for 12-24 hours first as the instructions say. It is also reusable so you won’t have to buy more desiccants. My only grip is that the screen was less than half of the size of the tray. A larger screen or a second screen would help a lot. Works well either way

  8. Vera J. Cunningham

    Easy kit

  9. Arleen E. Register

    All Equipment and support I have ever received from Midwest has been Top Notched. Fast service, fast shipping and they put up with my stupid questions with professionalism. The only vendor I will use for their specific inventory.

  10. Barney M. Crane

    Shipping was straight forward and timely, these days a 5 out of 5 rating is hard to come by, but Midwest Grow gets my thumbs up!

  11. Tara R. Echols

    The jumbo kit is a lot more room, and the mushrooms are a lot less likely to fall into the desiccant with the foil tray. The lid also feels more secure and less air humidity gets in.

  12. Virginia R. Maddox

    Received promptly and seems well put together. So far so good…

  13. Kay S. Muller

    awesome can fit a lot!!! of mushrooms drys out lions main very well

  14. Dudley T. Reyes

    Received promptly and seems well put together. So far so good…

  15. Carl S. Felton

    Was not sure which size drying kit I was going to want but this size is great and the lid also serves as a great base to initially dry on a paper towel too! Mesh screen is great for smaller fruit. Works very fast and effectively.

  16. Billie D. Crosby

    This is a huge tub for drying out your fruits. Much better than putting them in front of a fan.
    You might need to cut your larger fruits to reduce drying time. I got cracker dry fruits on medium sized fruits in 3 days

  17. Tracy J. Hennessy

    Everything arrived in good condition in a timely manner. The one exception was there was no filter in my tubing. I called and another tube and filter arrived quickly. I have placed several orders and with one exception I have been well pleased with the merchandise, timely arrival and customer service. Thanks Midwest.

  18. Diane D. Gumm

    Love the regular kit but emptying and drying the desiccant regularly gets tedious so the jumbo kit is a much needed addition. Reusable and effective

  19. Silvia C. Jones

    Convenient having it there and ready to use. So far I love your products!

  20. Calvin C. Herron

    Only thing I would like to see is for them to add casing and a grain jar to allow a first time buyer to experience both tec and monotub.

  21. Charles B. Yancey

    I havent yet used this drying kit but am very happy with the fast shipping and all items are present.
    Thank you!

  22. Joseph W. Kiser

    Product is great and shipped super fast. And ordering was super user friendly.

  23. Bettye J. Crandall

    Worth the money. Works great!

  24. Salvador L. Brewer

    I think I expected something more complicated. Very simple and basic but I can see how it will work.

  25. Dorothy G. White

    Its perfect beyond belief it meets all my needs and more

  26. Tammy R. Myles

    This kit is easy and simple to use and includes instructions. Even withou air drying my mushrooms were dry and ready for storage in days, usually less for smaller caps. Everything needed comes in this kit and is a must have addition to anyone purchasing a mega or bulk grow kit. Thanks Midwest.

  27. Rosa C. Quin

    Kit works flawlessly. Color indicating beads tell me when I need to recharge the desiccant. I just throw it in the oven at 300 for an hour and its ready to go again. I have ordered two of these kits just so I could double up on the amount of desiccant and use the other clear tote to store my mushroom supplies . The plastic trays they now have in them is a definite upgrade from the foil! Highly recommend!!

  28. Lois D. Limones

    This is my second time buying the Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit. It comes with everything you need for quick drying. The silica beads are also reusable (Google instructions on how to reactivate the beads once they’ve changed color). Shipping is fast. My only suggestion is to get a better screen for the mushrooms to lay on.

  29. Joseph M. Bojorquez

    works great. Glad I purchased this product

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